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Advanced science, manufacturing and support for biosimilars.

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Fresenius Kabi Biosimilars R&D Center of Excellence

Fresenius Kabi has a long-standing heritage in high-quality pharmaceutical development. We are equipped with the necessary global expertise in manufacturing and biotechnology with the goal of achieving high similarity to the reference biologic. Harmonized standards and processes worldwide help safeguard the highest quality products and solutions. Driven by excellence in product quality, Fresenius Kabi biosimilars are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards, meeting country-specific guidelines.

Made up of 90 science, manufacturing and R&D centers around the globe, Fresenius Kabi is committed to making drug development more efficient. We use leading manufacturing technologies and innovative processes to replace slow and expensive legacy methods. Our extensive experimentation, analytical characterization and computational simulations ensure high-quality products from batch to commercial scale. Fresenius Kabi applies the same high-quality standards in developing and producing biosimilars that are required for the development of the reference product.

Proving ourselves in unprecedented times

Fresenius Kabi can leverage our robust supply chain to secure access to life-changing medicines for more patients who suffer from debilitating diseases.

Our proven disaster planning enables us to offer support in times of crisis, from natural disasters to global pandemics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we increased supply of dozens of life-saving medicines to meet market fluctuations. By leveraging our scalability and flexibility at this time, we were there to help our partners in multiple ways:

Manufacturing flexibility

Reprioritizing and increasing manufacturing levels of critical injectable medicines such as sedatives, pain medications, antibiotics, paralytics, anti-coagulants and anti-emetics


Maintaining consistent contact with key stakeholders: group purchasing organizations, pharmaceutical wholesalers, professional associations and government agencies

Purchasing Power

Leveraging global purchasing power of raw materials, striving to maintain price stability

We were also awarded the Drug Shortage Assistance Award by the FDA in 2017, when devastating hurricanes impacted our competitors and we delivered what they could not. We also won Strategic Programs Pharmaceutical Supplier of the Year from Vizient in 2021. We continue this commitment to stepping up as part of our duty. Although the future can be unpredictable, we want to be a part of shaping it.

Advanced science, manufacturing and support for biosimilars